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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Viscerally Scarred-Chaos Reins

Chaos Rains cover art

Some of you may remember Viscerally Scarred from my review of them back in October. Now their debut album, Chaos Reins, is out and they have realized their full potential. Filled to the brim with destructive death metal riffs and chunky breakdowns Viscerally Scarred prove themselves to be death metal master filled with innovative ideas and a dual vocalist led sound Chaos Reins will rip your face off and leave you headbanging for days on  end!

The guitar work on this album is very much in the vein of that of The Black Dahlia Murder. Some of the more tech death type riffs remind me a lot of Job for a Cowboy. What really differentiates this bands style is the use of two different vocalists. This helps to make them a lot more layered and interesting. Meanwhile the hardcore stylings of some riffs like the one on Human Hypocrisy help to ground the record in the streets and give it a grit that many modern deathcore records don't have.

In conclusion, Chaos Reins is a delicious slab of death metal that any fan of the genre should appreciate. While it doesn't break much new ground the songwriting is extremely solid and the twin vocalists keep things very interesting. The hardcore parts also help to add a lot of flavor to the general death metal atmosphere of the band. Prepare yourselves to mosh, Viscerally Scarred's go for the throat and evil brand of death metal should keep you busy for a few great spins!

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