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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Dark Salvation-Der Letze Weg

Dark Salvation is a powerful melodeath band from Lichtenstein who use bombastic solos to create a dynamic and powerful sound. Reminiscent of the old In Flames or even Amon Amarth at times Der Letze Weg is a tasty melodeath statement. Respecting the maxims of the genre while simultaneously having a sound that is distinctly their own Dark Salvation are an interesting addition to the Lichtenstein metal scene and their new record fits nicely into the music of a country with such a strong metal pedigree.

The guitar work on this album is what sets it apart. While not super heavy the riffs definitely have a certain moshable quality to them. There is also an abundance of solos which are well implemented and finely crafted. They fit in nicely with the music and are not just flashy ego boosters for the bands twin guitarists. Instead they add a distinctly delicious quality to the songs and keep the tracks interesting and vibrant. I particularly like the solo on Schatten, it really sets the tone for what can be expected on the rest of the album. Meanwhile the growls are surprisingly heavy given the guitar tone and the lightness of the bass in the mix. The drumming is very much typical of the genre with tightly controlled cymbals and the occasional blast beat. It would be nice if he had more chances to let loose like he does in the intro to Eifersucht.

In sum, this is a solid record that fans of death and melodeath will enjoy. A solid release all around Dark Salvation show a lot of potential and it will be interesting to see what they put out in the future. While there are no genre breaking moments, few modern death metal bands can employ solos as well as they do. The solos are really what make the record so fascinating, they keepDer Letze Weg from fading into anonymity. With a solid basis for their sound and stellar songwriting I am excited to see where Dark Salvation bring their music on the next record!

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