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Friday, March 8, 2013

Perilium-Optic '72

Optic '72 cover art

Perilium is a delicious young prog band who reveal themselves to be capable musicians with a fiery and oftentimes flashy sound. With stellar production Perilium manage to reach out and pull the listener into a Pink Floyd inspired musical journey. They don't sound contrived or hackneyed in the least, instead their music seems to merely be an extension of their innermost thoughts and feelings. Instead of falling into the easy trap of mathematical perfection Perilium opt for a passion packed exploration into the magic of prog.

 The songwriting is clearly excellent and songs like Mirage exceed in evoking the psychedelic haze of the old prog lords. The instrumental tracks allow them to flaunt their stuff and showcase some interesting guitar and bass licks as well as some cool rhythm attacks from the drums. Lyrically this album is mystical and abstract, couplets like "Return to me a once lost dream/Of shattered hopes, marooned at sea/And set me free" showcase the general abstract quality of the music. In brief, this is a solid and oftentimes illuminating prog epic.

 An exquisite piece of prog mastery, their new album Optic '72 shows a young prog band ready to break through and become masters of the scene. Filled with potential along side a clear love for their music and the genre Perilium is a joy to listen to. Optic '72 is an ethereal voyage on the seas of musical mastery that carries the listener away from this world and into one made of music. Something that fans of Dream Theater and Tool will love, Perilium respect their progenitors and show that prog is still a very lively and ever growing genre!

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