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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Ditchin' Quincy

An up and coming pop rock force this very young band from Dublin are creating their own brand of polished and well executed rock that is taking over their local scene. They have drawn attention from big names like The Corrs, it shows that these guys could get huge fast. The band has a remarkably mournful sound, the vocalist almost has an Adele quality to his voice, their is a crushing depression in his singing. In particular, the song Devils Eyes really shows how sad this band can be. The songwriting is fairly well done and the riffs are a bit more than your standard pop rock chords. While that is present I feel like their is something more to a lot of these songs. As a whole though the songs are tight and interesting and a breath of fresh air in a crowded pop rock scene. Laid back and filled with sadness but also hope Ditchin' Quincy could very well be the next big Irish rock band.

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