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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sad and Insane-Departure

Departure cover art

he Toulouse metal scene is one that I constantly underestimate. Yet every time that I listen to a band from the region I am impressed. Sad and Insanes progressive and experimental sound is one that is hard to fully understand. The idea of having groovy metal parts tempered with more open and experimental sections is a strange one, yet it works. With smatterings of hardcore mixed into a brutal death metal attack its often hard to keep up with this band. Yet their beautiful progressive arrangements and expertly planned experimental breaks Departure leaves the listener begging for more.

This is by no means a mathcore release, yet it would be easy to say that the general atmosphere is one of mathcore insanity. Yet the songs have much more groove than on your average mathcore release. Additionally, the experimental parts, which make up a big chunk of the EP, seem to help create an epic and multifaceted sound. The track Nothing Left provides a perfect conclusion to the brutality that preceded it. In short, this blending of light and dark allows for a majestic and destructive sound that is hard to forget. It allows the musicians to shine and takes the band to a whole new level.

To finish, Departure is an epic and powerful EP that will leave the listener dazed and confused. This group of 4 magnificent musicians have come together to create a moving artistic statement that is beautifully concieved. The equilibrium between brutal and experimental sounds makes this band unique, they are almost Led Zeppelin-like in this. They have a certain magic to them that only a handful of groups have ever had. A very promising band whose debut EP is a inspiring slab of French metal I am looking forward to hearing their upcoming album!

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