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Friday, March 1, 2013

Epitome of Frail

Since 2001 Epitome of Frail have been releasing punishing modern death metal in the vein of All Shall Perish or even The Black Dahlia Murder. This group of Germans show the majesty of the teutonic scene. Their latest release Society is an intelligent blast of the genre at its finest with epic solos, heavy rhythms and the occasional crushing breakdown. The end result is a cathartic opus that makes a mark upon the listener and leaves them thinking. A magnificent release that will leave the listener in a state of heavy metal nirvana Society is quite possible THE sleeper album of 2012.

This bands arrangements are very much within the maxims of the genre, yet they have a powerful destructive force within them that allows them to really stand out. This is probably due to some of the hardcore elements in the bands sound. While Society is by no means a hardcore or metalcore record the influence is definitely there. At the same time, the melodeath influence makes itself clear to, it is especially evident on tracks like Father. Overall though this band has a very clear idea of the sound they want and they excel in executing it. With breakneck rhythms, heavy growls and quite a few delicious solos what more could a metalhead want?

To finish, with Society Epitome of Frail have proved themselves to be capable musicians who have created a explosive and dynamic breed of death metal that is hard to forget. I am three listens in and the riffs are still fresh and satisfying. Their is just so much metal madness to be had here that it is hard to bring it down to mere words. A great combination of intelligent lyrics and well arranged music make for an album that is tasty and fascinating. Any fan of modern death metal or even the classic stuff will want to check Society out!

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