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Friday, March 1, 2013

Sacred to Apollo

Sacred to Apollo is a tasty metalcore band very much in the vein of acts like August Burns Red. Their music is far heavier than that of most metalcore acts yet it is by no means in the realm of deathcore. Instead their sound is made up of heavy and melodic riffs that shine over top of a destructive rhythm section. I especially like the drumming which has quite a few wonderful fills that help to fill out the sound. The crunchy bass blends in nicely with the rhythm guitars to give the band a solid backbone in their bottom end. In many ways Sacred to Apollo is an excellent death metal band who just give their music a spice of metalcore. The end result is something that both the pvre death metaller and the swoopy haired Warped tour kid can enjoy. Breaking boundaries and bringing metalcore to a new level Sacred to Apollo is a band that many extreme music fans will love.

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