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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Hibernal-The Machine

A prog album unlike any other prog album I have heard in my life Hibernals new concept record tells a majestic and beautiful sci fi influenced story. Communicated by a spoken word artist, a natural born storyteller The Machine tells a twisting and dark story that has the listener constantly curious to know what's going to happen next. Combined with some inspiring prog filled with all sorts of magnificent frills the end result of The Machine is a fully immersive  album that will pull you in and force you to worship its glorious and fascinating story.

While I won't reveal too many details lets just say that the plot of The Machine is kind of freaky and takes place in a wonderfully crafted dystopian future. The vivid soundscapes especially on songs like Disconnection allow you to completely wrap yourself in the bands music. The songs are usually fairly light, however heavier moments are built up to, usually in order to add flavor to the tracks. They fit in nicely and flow naturally with the storyline. I love the way that they are intricately intertwined for a maximum musical and storytelling effect.

In conclusion, this is a triumphant and epic prog masterpiece that reveals the magic of prog. A exquisitely crafted piece Hibernal have put out one of my favorite prog records of 2013 thus far. With a brooding and ominous quality mixed with a surreal story packed with meaning and emotion this union of prog and spoken word music is incredible. A record that could very well change live The Machine is something that all fans of the genre, and even music in general should check out, technical, filled with great songwriting and a stellar story The Machine is a musical masterwork.

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