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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Inter Arma-Sky Burial

Few records are huge and crushing these days. While many might use brutality to impress the listener few seem to have a monolithic size to them that crushes the soul. On Sky Burial Inter Arma manage to do exactly that. Gigantic soundscapes permeate these eight tracks for a strange voyage of haunting melodies, bizarre guitar parts and unholy song structures. Inter Arma will carry you away on its haunting wings and force you into a post metal haze that crushes the brain and leaves a lasting mark on anyone who gives Sky Burial a few spins.

The most impressive aspect of this record is simply the might of the guitars. The production quality really helps them to shine and showcases the magic of their sound. The twisted and raw hatred that seems to be ripped out of the singers throat furthers the masterful sound that Inter Arma have created for themselves on Sky Burial. Unashamed of the raw and broken qualities of their music they seek to overpower the listener with sounds that are too epic in scale to understand on the first listen. With elements of post hardcore alongside black metal this record is strange yet also glorious, it transcends most modern metal and finds something more.

In conclusion, Sky Burial is a gloriously brutal record that reveals a band who are unwilling to compromise and the masterminds of some of the most impressive walls of sound ever to be heard. Their sense of purpose is impressive, and with a bit more general direction then Inter Arma will become great. They are close to complete brilliance as is, and with another album they should be able to step into the pantheon of the greatest of all time. As is, Sky Burial is one of my highlights of 2013 so far and worth quite a few spins!

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