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Saturday, March 9, 2013

No Sun in San Francisco-Principles and Particles

No Sun in San Francisco is a nifty post metal band from Lausanne. Their music is mysterious and filled with the post hardcore magic that makes Cult of Luna so insanely good. Their new record Principles and Particles shows how great the genre can be. This group of five talented musicians have an attack that can be acoustic or Meshuggah like, often varying back in forth in the course of one song. The epic soundscapes that are crafted on this record are majestic yet harsh, there is no forgiveness here, they pull you in and pummel you into submission, there is no escape from the post hardcore destruction of Principles and Particles.

The guitar work on this album is clearly very technical and has lots of flashy licks. It also shows off some incredible songwriting that allows the band to intricately structure their pieces so that they are filled with unexpected twists and turns that they then navigate with a Meshuggah like precision. The end effect of Principles and Particles is thus rather cathartic. The power of the pumping percussion section is impressive, it helps to give the music its energy and hold the listener in thrall of the music. The key element though is the changing dynamics which give the record its ever varied and majestic sound.

In conclusion, this is a great example of the growing post hardcore scene. A record worthy of Cult of Luna or even Meshuggah. The highly complex parts and song structures allow the band to showcase talents that must have taken years to develop. Their music is intelligent and strangely beautiful, something that all fans of this new scene should enjoy. A Swiss hope for one of metals fastest growing genres No Sun in San Francisco prove themselves capable players in the post hardcore scene with Principles and Particles.

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