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Sunday, March 31, 2013


So now I have another new prog band from India to share with you guys. Formed in September of 2011 this devastating five piece has a wonderful brand of Opeth tinged prog. With destructive riffs and nice touches of clean vocals onto the more brutal growls their debut EP Ephermals is a prog epic with two great tracks as well as a very interesting bridge between the two. Skull cracking and precise Ephermals is a testament to the magic and enduring power of the Indian prog scene. In its brief 14 minute run time it proves Iterate as prog gods in the making ready to take on the world.

Their are lots of really cool rhythm sections in this groups sound. While not really djenty the influence is definitely there and parts like the bridge of Skylar really capitalize on the bands overall rhythmic accuracy. The songwriting is overall very solid and it allows the band to write songs that stay dynamic and interesting throughout their entire duration. One should also note the exceptional acoustic bridge track The Scintillator with its beautiful layers of guitars. It shows the varied nature of the bands sound and also their technical prowess. I also really like the way the cleans flow into growls and vice versa, it adds a lot of flavor to the music. In short, Iterate is an extremely skilled band and Ephemerals goes out of its way to prove the musicians talent.

In conclusion, Ephemerals is a stellar little EP that shows the promise of the Indian prog scene. With a great fusion of cleans and growls along with a stellar tech death influenced sound. The crushing riffs and breakneck vocal lines have a twisted beauty and show the devilish and yet highly intelligent nature of Iterate's music. Something for fans of bands like Gojira and Meshuggah this is an interesting record that in three songs makes a excellent artistic statement and proves the high caliber of Iterates sound. Something prog snobs will like and normal death metallers should adore Ephemerals shows a band packed with potential!

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