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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Lowbau-A Darker Shade of Blues

Lowbau is a tasty hard rock band who make a brand of groovy bluesy very much in the vein of Black Label Society or even Pantera. With heavy and passionate vocals Lowbaus sound is one filled with a bluesy power yet also one that is infused with a classic heavy metal energy. The end result is an earthy and addictive metal record replete with gallons of groove which allow A Darker Shade of Blues to shine as a great album which both recalls the genres roots and seeks to bring it forward, something few modern bands manage to do successfully.

The songs are usually pretty straightforward, they have a 70s hard rock feel to them in both their bluesy grooves and crunchy guitar parts. Yet A Darker Shade of Blues is much harder than most music that came out in that epoch. That's where the Pantera and Lamb of God influence comes in, allowing the sound to fulfill its maximum potential with a southern rock and redneck metal influence. Together, these ideas give A Darker Shade of Blues a great rock and roll attitude that allows the songs to ring true and shine through a saturated scene.

In conclusion, A Darker Shade of Blues is a fun and brutal rock n roll record which reminds me distinctly of Pantera or even some Motorhead. The combination of old school rhythms with more modern metal elements makes for a sound that is both grounded and reality and gloriously destructive. Fans of early heavy metal and groove should love this record. Lowbau know what they want to do and do it well. A Darker Shade of Blues is a very tasty release anyone with an inkling for hard rock and devastating blues should enjoy!

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