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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Down Under Fall

Move On cover art

Down Under Fall is a hard rock band from the midlands. Since August of 2012 they have been producing crazy and fun rock and roll in the vein of the Foo Fighters or even the great Guns n Roses. Their sound is fresh and does not fade into the vest metal trend. Instead they incorporate enough modern and grunge elements to make it clear that they are not trying to relive any specific period of music. This is a band that seeks to be relevant today with new music and mad riffage. With crunchy guitar parts, Down Under Fall draw you in to their solid rock sound. They have a lot of spice in their mix and it has a very nice garage quality which adds to the 'pure rock and roll' aspect of the sound. In other words, Down Under Falls heavy garage rock is fiery and explosive, something that all fans of the genre should enjoy. If you're looking for a band who seek to infuse grunge and hard rock ideas with new life look no further, Down Under Fall is the band for you!

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