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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Monks of Mellonwah-Sky and the Dark Night

Sky And The Dark Night cover art

Monks of Mellonwah is a stellar art prog band from Sydney. Longtime readers may remember them from my review back in August. I am glad to say that they have only gotten better. On their new EP, Sky and the Dark Night their beautiful prog artistry comes together to create a finely crafted and epic piece of music that is hard to forget. Intricately crafted songs shape the album and give it the Dream Theater like majesty that make Monks of Mellonwah so good. This is truly an EP for the ages.

The EP seems to be synth dominated with a handful of shredtastic guitar solos to fill out the sound and give it a metal edge. Their are also a few nice rhythm sections that give the music a great forward motion. A key example of this would be the one on the track Control, it fills the music with energy and drives it into the listeners review. Clearly, brilliant musicians Monks of Mellonwah deserve much more attention than they are currently getting. Filled to the brim with spiraling and shifting melodies Sky and the Dark Night is a delicious slab of modern prog.

In conclusion, Sky and the Dark Night is a potential packed piece of prog perfection. A record that is a veritable prothalmion of the genre. Worshiping the musical mastery required to play this music at the highest level Monks of Mellonwah are clearly prog masterminds. A great band that any fan of progressive music will love and want to check out Monks of Mellonwah are a great hope for the future of prog!

Listen to it on Bandcamp