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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Venus Blue-Venus Blue VS. Motorwulf

Venus Blue vs MotorWülf cover art

So yes, there is new material from Venus Blue, one of my favorite doomy rock groups, as previous reviews have attested these guys know how to make good solid rock and roll with a crushing sense of purpose. Very much in the vein of Blue Cheer or even Sleep the stoned 'electric space blues' sound of Venus Blues new music on the split Venus Blue VS Motorwulf is a tasty testament to the terrifying power of rock and roll. The zenith of what rock and roll should be, Venus Blue go back to the roots of the genre and infuse it with a destructive metal might to get a sound that is more Black Sabbath than Black Sabbath. Yes, that is how much I love this band, they are on a level with Sabbath. Once more proving themselves to be one of the best bands of the century, I NEED to hear a full length album from Venus Blue, there is just so much potential and passion to be had. In brief, Venus Blue is a simply fantastic band and will become a new favorite for any true rock and roller.

Listen and have your mind destroyed on Bandcamp!

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