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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Omega Diatribe

Omega Diatribe is a nifty techdeath band from Budapest. Their Meshuggah inspired sound is far from standard djent. Instead they use chunky rhythms and a solid tone to create music that is both very powerful and distinctly their own. The oddly timed riffs are often laid under atonal melody lines which help give the songs the bizarre qualities that Meshuggah often embodies. They have a great groove in their music that many similar bands fail to have. While they are clearly not for the weak of heart, Omega Diatribe is a bit easier to get into than Meshuggah or Sikth simply because there sound is easier to move your body to. While the riffs are definitely rhythmically complicated they hold themselves back and manage to maintain a level of accessibility. Omega Diatribe has the remarkable capacity to tap into your primal spirit and force you to move. In conclusion, Omega Diatribe is at once a great find for fans of Meshuggah as well as for people who are just trying to get into that style of prog. Their sound is at once very technical and relatively accessible and overall a lot of fun!

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