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Thursday, March 14, 2013


Nostalgia is an evil black metal band from South America. Very much in the vein of Sarcafago these guys create purely evil and surprisingly frostbitten black metal. Their new EP Negativo shows how powerful and dark Peruvian black metal can be. With poor production and stripped back riffs these guys understand how to make black metal at the top level. Distinctly evil and filled with a hatred that few modern bands can emulate, Nostalgia are more than just Sarcafago imitators, they are grim and frozen black metal masters.

The beauty of this album is in the songwriting. Their pieces are all fairly long and fulfill many a black metal maxim. They are distinctly evil and understand what it is to have a sound that is both unholy and surprisingly beautiful. The acoustic break on El dolor me mantienne vivo or the intro on Nada es verdad, nada es para siempre are prime examples of this. They take on an epic atmosphere that drives the songs to a new level and shows the power that Nostalgia can have. It further showcases their songwriting as well, this is black metal that is interesting and fun to listen to. Combining the grimmest Burzum type riffs with more refined Agalloch like majesty.

In conclusion, Nostalgia is a magnificent South American black metal force.  The beautiful evil of their stripped back sound and black metal riffage is impressive. Their stellar songwriting and strong musicianship prove that Nostalgia know how to craft some very interesting black metal masterpieces. Negativo is a brilliant artistic statement that proves the inherent power of the genre. So, fans of black metal, go check out Nostalgia, their new EP is rife with music that will appeal to the evil black metal warrior as well as a more casual BM fan. 

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