Chuck Schuldiner Project

Sunday, March 10, 2013



Peridoni is a fun jamming rock band very much in the vein of the Grateful Dead. They understand the spirit of improvised rock and roll. With loose song structures that allow for lots of fun solos and guitar breaks Peridoni feels natural and always fresh. For this group of musicians it is truly the music of the soul. I love the bright guitar tones they use to give their music an old school jam band feel. I also really like the wonderfully natural and flowing vocal lines. They have a definite Jerry Garcia quality to them. Few modern bands have this sort of undiluted and pure sound that is rife with the magic of the people. In brief, there are a variety of tasty riffs and licks in Peridoni's music that are filled with improvisation and thus never old. For fans of old school jam rock there is no better modern alternative than the mystical sound of Peridoni.

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