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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Quoting Constantine-Panthera

Quoting Constantine

There are very few modern rock bands that I genuinely enjoy. I have a variety of reasons to hate the genre, yet every once in a while a band comes up that impresses me and who show that the genre isn't all bad. Quoting Constantine is that band and their new EP Panthera is a testament to how great modern rock can be. From the energetic riffing on The Borders Are Standing Still to the epic outro of Hope this is a modern rock record that touches the soul and reaches beyond the negative feelings that I have for the genre. Panthera will make many a hater reconsider their stance on the genre.

The beauty of this album is in the stellar production that allows it to come forward as a fully realized entity. The swaths of guitar sound that give the music its structure are incredibly well executed and spill into the listeners brain. The vocals have a mournful and hopeless quality to them that gives the music a downbeat feel. It seems in direct contrast at times to the high powered guitar playing, yet it somehow manages to work. In sum, the combination of strong production, finely crafted soundscapes and quality vocals make for an album with an enduring power that is worth multiple listens.

In conclusion, Panthera shows what modern rock can be. With elements of stadium rock and a healthy respect for the classics Quoting Constantine have shown that their U2 inspired sound is a great one. It is something that could easily find airplay across the globe. Yes, thats right, I'm actually supporting a band that is very radio friendly, and I'm doing it because Quoting Constantine know how to make solid and memorable tunes that could have a positive impact on the modern scene.  Panthera shows a lot of potential from a young band and I am very excited to see where they bring their sound when they release a full album!

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