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Monday, March 18, 2013


Mythological Deviance cover art

Born in the rainiest part of France, Picardie, in 2009 the destructive might of Splice seems destined to rise out of the depths and take over the world. With a sound that goes for the throat and then bites down for the kill. Splice's music is the raw brutalization of the listeners ears. Their technical riffs and ridiculously fast groove show off the groups inner hatred. In short, their new album Mythological Deviance is 11 breakneck tracks of death metal mastery. Very much in the Suffocation vein it seems unlikely that Splice will ever get huge, however they could easily come to dominate the French brutal death scene which needs a breath of fresh air. They have the skill and passion to become one of the biggest groups to ever come out of France. With a simply devastating sound filled with an inhuman potential Mythological Deviance suggests that good things are soon to come from the darkest regions of France.

Listen to Splice on Bandcamp!

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