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Monday, March 18, 2013

Stygian Ascent-Memories

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Rarely do you find a band that fuses both At The Gates and Ensiferums respective sounds into an intricate and super melodic masterpiece. Stygian Ascent finds no problem doing that and obtain a majestic, symphonic and tightly polished album that features exquisite soundscapes and powerful guitar solos. The stellar songwriting that ties this band together helps to prove that Stygian Ascent are ready to take over the international scene. Memories is quite the memorable slab of melodeath and proof that their are still lots of interesting things to be done in the genre.

The guitar work on Memories is intense to say the least. It has a manic feel to it that is somehow kept in check by an extremely tight rhythm section. Whats really amazing is that Stygian Ascent can get such an epic and full sound with only 3 band members. The explosive attack that the guitar lines have is truly impressive. It shows that Stygian Ascent not only have musical know how, but also a certain attitude that really lets them shine. The vocals are usually within the melodeath growling style, however there are occasional bits with clean vocals which add to the viking feel of the tracks. With all sorts of shimmery lead lines and destructive rhythm parts Memories comes together as a glorious testament to the magic of melodic death metal.

In conclusion, Stygian Ascent is a magnificent band who have released what will probably end up being my favorite melodic death metal album of 2013. With strong, viking inspired songwriting, Stygian Ascent pulls you into their beautiful music and does not let go. Memories is one of the most gripping albums to come out of the Swedish scene in recent years. It is an album that greets the listener with open arms and then makes them want to stay and bask in its glory. Something that all fans of any sort of melodic metal should enjoy, Memories is quite the artistic achievement.

Come have your mind blown and listen to Stygian Ascent

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