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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Survive The Wasteland-Devour

DEVOUR cover art

So I got an e-mail recently from a band called Survive the Wasteland. They were asking for a review, and I promised to get on it. All seemed to be in order, and then I clicked on their bandcamp link and was simply amazed. Rarely has a band come right out and blown my head off like Survive the Wasteland did. From the first chords you know this is going to be a simply devastating EP. A magnificently destructive record, Survive the Wasteland have hit upon something grand. Devour is a magnificent chunk of Suffocation flavored brutal death metal that will smash your head into the ground and force you to mosh.

The guitar work is shockingly heavy. Few death metal acts have the confidence to have a fully go for the throat sound, one that seeks to actively harm its listeners.Yet Survive the Wasteland seem revel in the spilled blood of their fans. After a gentle and experimental intro, Survive the Wasteland comes out and curb stomps the listener into submission. If you're not listening to Devour on maximum volume then frankly you are not a metalhead. Some of the heaviest and majestically brutal stuff that I have heard all year, Survive the Wasteland prove themselves to be veritable death metal masters.

In conclusion, Survive the Wasteland seem to be the great hope for the Portuguese scene. Few bands are so gleefully evil. With devilish riffs that reveal a great knowledge of how to write squirrely technical death metal tracks Survive the Wasteland are frighteningly good. Despite the fact that the EP only clocks in around 9 minutes it has the raw hatred of an album five times its length. The 2 songs on Devour show a huge potential and I can not wait to hear what happens when these guys put out a full length. I'm pretty sure my head will burst, but you never know, the room around me could explode too.

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