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Sunday, March 17, 2013


Thicket is a powerful old school death metal band from Florida. This Orlando based quartet have been going strong since their inception last year. With a stripped back death metal sound Thicket has the destructive power of bands like Pestilence. Yet there are also some more modern elements, showing the influence of bands like Wednesday 13 and Skeletonwitch. Their is a nice interplay between different styles of growls here which allows for the creation of a much more fascinating and intricately developed sound. I also really dig the crunchy riffs which have an early Death like simplicity. The song Cold Flame is a perfect example of this, the only issue being that in some cases the songs go on for too long and start to lose the listeners interest. As a whole though Thicket have some great riffs and stellar production. With a bit of polishing Thicket could become a veritable 21st century death metal force!

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