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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Toxic Holocaust-From the Ashes of Nuclear Destruction

One man metal projects are usually reserved for dark and introverted black metal artists such as Malefic, Striborg or Leviathan. Yet on occasion we have a wonderfully unholy chunk of thrash birthed from the mind of one luminary. Toxic Holocaust is such a band. With all of their music written and recorded by Joel Grind, the band has achieved a distinctly evil and twisted sound on their new record From the Ashes of Nuclear Destruction. Combining the sounds of bands like Exodus, Kreator and most notably Venom, Joel Grind once again proves himself as a veritable thrash metal master.

The record is made up of 22 fairly short tracks (the longest clocks in at just under 4 minutes) and it has a great sense of forward motion. The concise nature of the songs allows the music to stay fresh and interesting. It also allows Joel Grind to show off all of his best ideas. Their are quite a few stellar solos on this record too, I particularly like the manic playing on the hectic Deathmaster. Meanwhile, some songs have a great sing a long quality, for example, the gloriously satanic "666". The album seems to be preoccupied with Satan and death, embracing the topics with a Municipal Waste type of tongue in cheek. This helps the band to not take itself too seriously and keep the record fun.

From Ashes of  Nuclear Destruction is, in brief, an epic record that shows the sheer songwriting talent of Joel Grind. With a ton of tasty licks and destructive riffs Toxic Holocaust has once more shown that they are among the greatest of the modern thrashers. A lucid and often lighthearted release the Venom inspired tones of Toxic Holocaust should attract many a metaller and open their eyes to the glory of the darkest thrash metal groups. An album for the pvre of heart, Toxic Holocaust is rapidly gaining in popularity and this could very well be the album that launches them over the top!

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