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Monday, March 25, 2013

The Dirty Pleasure Promotion-At the Beginning of an Eventful Story

The Dirty Pleasure Promotion is of a brand of especially insidious hardcore that relishes in its most abstract and twisting qualities. Their new EP, the presumptuously titled At The Beginning of an Eventful Story, seems to be quite correct in its assessment of the situation. It is the introduction of a stellar band to a scene where it can dominate. With an intricate and no holds barred sound that is often contrasted with moody and noisy atmospheric parts The Dirty Pleasure Promotion bring forth their own special brand of hardcore that is filled with interesting riffs and bizarre attacks. A nearly 20 minute piece of strangely fascinating music At the Beginning of an Eventful Story promises to be exactly that.

The sound on this record is surprisingly layered. On my third spin of the EP, I am still finding new crevices within the sound. Asides from probably being hard to pull off live this allows the band to shine and stay interesting. At the Beginning of an Eventful Story is worth many a spin merely because the musicianship is so stellar and allows the band to explore some really interesting areas with their music. The distorted and corrupt riffing on songs like Skeptical Sheep is almost djent like at times. It shows a series of intricate rhythm structures that help to keep the record relevant.

In conclusion, I very much hope that At the Beginning of an Eventful Story is in fact the beginning of an eventful story. The Dirty Pleasure Promotion are an awe inspiring and innovative hardcore band whose mixture of djent and post metal elements into their sound is surprisingly memorable. With epic soundscapes and finely crafted song structures the otherworldly beauty of these songs allows for a truly cathartic experience. The product of years of hard work I raise the horns and pray to Dio that The Dirty Pleasure Promotion come soon to my hometown of Paris!

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