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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Une Dose 2 Metal

When Stephane Buriez, father of French death metal, said to me “We are going to change the history of metal in France” I had reason to be skeptical. France is far and away western Europe's least metal country. Oftentimes our nation gets passed over entirely for tours and there are few truly huge international bands to come from our shores. While we do have our native classics like L'esprit Du Clan, Trust, or even Buriez's own Loudblast most French bands have difficulty becoming truly well known even within the country. Une Dose 2 Metal seeks to remedy that for good. Frances only dedicated heavy metal television program Enorme TV definitely took a risk in making this metal dream a reality. Yet it seems that the risk will indeed pay off and change French metal history for good.

Every week Stephane Buriez invites a new French metal band onto Une Dose 2 Metal to interview them, listen to some music, and then see them play live. This formula doesn't get old and allows some awesome bands to get their name out their. I particularly liked the episode with The Sticky Boys, one of my favorite French vest metal bands. Hanging out at their studio it was refreshing to see that the interviews are shot entirely live with few pauses. As a host Buriez is charismatic and intelligent. His questions are interesting and relevant and make the audience want to keep watching. He is the beating heart at the center of the program and ensures that Une Dose 2 Metal is always interesting.

As I was walking around the set and talking to people I started to sense a sort of electricity in the air. The people on set, producers and band members alike seemed to have a sort of energy to them. Their passion was being brought onto television, heavy metal finally has a mainstream media outlet in France! And not just any heavy metal, truly brutal bands are going on this show! Trepalium is the definition of a brutal tech death band and they have an episode of their very own. L'esprit du Clan is another act that is exceedingly heavy yet still had an entire episode dedicated to them. Une Dose 2 Metal is a beacon of hope for metalheads across France it shows that our one trve and unholy love is ready to propagate to the masses!

Does this mean that soon France will become like Finland where Ensiferum tracks regularly chart in their top 10? Probably not. But does it mean that metal will see more acceptance and France and will it usher in a new era of bands concerts and festivals? Most definitely yes! Buriez was completely right when he said that this show could change France's metal history. Dedicated to both revealing the minds of the old masters and uncovering new acts Une Dose 2 Metal is a metalheads TV show that is loud, proud and ready to rock! Quite possibly the single greatest media force on the entire French metal scene I can not wait to see what they bring forward in the future.

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