Chuck Schuldiner Project

Thursday, April 25, 2013


A wonderful technical death metal band from they Bay Area Aethere seem intent on carrying on the areas legacy of creating stellar death metal. Seemingly a fusion of Aborted and Meshuggah with The Faceless style solos Aethere beat the listeners skull in with their destructive breed of death metal. Powerful and swirling the riffs that this group produces are not to be missed. They showcase how destructive this group can be. Executed with sniperlike accuracy the killer breakdowns that permeate the music show how truly excellent Aethere can be. They simply understand how to create bonecrushing deathcore and do not shy away from doing it. Nicely accented with the djenty rhythms of groups like Periphery the end result is a sick layered sound that will appeal to many fans of extreme music, from deathcore kids to techdeath geeks and prog snobs. In sum, a band with incredible technical chops and a pumping sound that will not stop until every listeners eardrums have been annihilated Aethere a great up and coming techdeath band.

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