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Friday, April 26, 2013

The Human Contortion

Cannibals cover art

The Human Contortion is a gritty second generation deathcore band who are clearly heavily influenced by groups like All Shall Perish or Whitechapel. With absolutely crushing breakdowns and vicious growls The Human Contortion create their own breed of simple, powerful and skull cracking deathcore that should appeal to many a fan of the genre. Their new EP Cannibals is a five track tribute to the raw violence and evil that makes the deathcore genre what it is today. Unafraid to enter into the realm of dead ahead and cruel death metal The Human Contortion get heavier than many a modern deathcore band. Yet at the same time  There are also a few elements of nu metal or even rap in songs like the EP's ultimate track Dreamland. Instead of being obnoxious and boring these usually add a lot of flavor to the music and give The Human Contortion their own vibe. In short, with their ear annihilating drum beats and crunchy rhythms this is a band who are an asset to the Contorted label.

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