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Friday, April 12, 2013



Apolline is a fiery young alt rock band from France with a sound that seems to be made up of equal parts Muse, Incubus and the Foo Fighters with dashes of the Black Keys raw class thrown in for flavor. Their are a lot of tasty almost funky riffs to be found in their music, I particularly like the fun and groovy Fire in the Hole. Topped off with a furiously passionate singer who is clearly giving his all with every song Apolline is a fun band to listen to and fans of modern rock will revel in their musical prowess. The lyrics are predominantly in English, yet there are a couple of French language songs which I think really shows the bands respect and dedication to their roots. With solid songwriting skills Apolline manage to sweep the listener of their feet and carry them off on a sound that can be both majestic and down to earth, often within the period of a few seconds. Something for all you modern rock and rollers, Apolline have a lot of potential and it should be a pleasure to see them live tonight.

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