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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Claymords-Scum of the Earth

An album released an hour and a half from the north pole, billed as being, 'as cold as it gets' I must say that Claymords does a very good job of producing grim and frostbitten black metal that latches onto the listener and forces them into a frozen pool of satanic madness. Filled with dark black metal riffs which are nicely accented by hints of death metal and even old school thrash, Scum of the Earth is a wonderfully bleak record that any fan of metal that relishes in evil should enjoy. This collection of 11 tracks is twisted and unholy, something that any fan of the darkest of music should love.

One of the most impressive aspects of this bands sound is the ferocious attack that they seem to revel in. Songs like Her Jealousy showcase the sheer speed that this band is capable of achieving. In some ways it is reminiscent of Immortal, however the vocals are much more raw and the sound generally seems to be more aggressive, perhaps a nod at the groups thrash metal influences. I love the intricacy that some of the riffs seem to have, they add in a taste of Sound of Perseverance era Death. They nicely contrast the grim brutality that makes up the majority of the tracks and add a lot of flavor to the mix.

In conclusion, Scum of the Earth is an extremely interesting record filled with wild solos, destructive riffs and impressive drumming. Often turned up past 200 bpm the aggressive and unholy noise of Claymords is beautifully frostbitten. With epic Immortal like riffs which are nicely contrasted with more complex ostinatos this album ensnares the listener and forces them to worship this groups self styled 'Polar Metal'. Frozen black metal with touches of other genres that help to add a lot of spice to the sound, this is a record that will keep audiences enthralled for a decade to come!

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