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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Dead Cowboy's Sluts-The Hand of Death

An explosive and groovy death metal band from Paris Dead Cowboy's Sluts are a wonderfully destructive metal band who really understand how to make terrifying and powerful metal that will be able to cross the generations. A band who revel in their extreme qualities and who do not shy away from gore and horror themes. Topped off with some fun solos and crazed riffs Dead Cowboy's Sluts are a pleasure for any metaller to listen too. Brought together by some stellar breakdowns and simply crushing riffs Dead Cowboy's Sluts are here to bust skulls and shatter skeletons.

This band finds a great blend between the dead ahead thrash rhythms of Slayer and the more southern rock oriented sound of Pantera. There are a lot of death metal fills tossed in as well, they remind me of Leprosy era Death at times. The vocals have a harsh and raw feel to them, while not growls, they definitely have a similar level of aggression and sheer hatred. Something that is a pleasure to headbang to but also great to mosh along with Hand of Death is a powerful and enduring record that showcases solid songwriting and a shocking mix of groove, evil, and speed.

To sum it up, Hand of Death shows a band who are ready to be starting circle pits across the globe. From the spiralling riffs of Lusk to the sheer horror of the titular Hand of Death Dead Cowboy's Sluts have managed to create an impressive record that shows a band who seem truly ready to take their music to the next level. This band has a great sense of how to make crushing riffs and fuse them with a mix of crazed solos and punishing breakdowns. Already a great live act, I can't wait to see where they take their sound in the future!

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