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Thursday, April 18, 2013


Fragments [EP] cover art

R.O.P is a nifty female fronted progressive band with a variety of elements from a plethora of style that leads to an end result that is beautiful and filled with majestic sweeping choruses, epic guitar parts, and surprisingly catchy hooks. A band whose main focus seems to be on songwriting and musicianship R.O.P pull you into a epic soundscape that allows no reprieve from the wall of sound. Spinning and twisting through the listeners ears the music of R.O.P is intricately crafted and should appeal to many a prog snob. While predominantly metal there are lots of elements of jazz, rock, blues and pop on this record that indicate the R.O.P could have a much more widespread appeal. They make use of interesting rhythms and really stellar drumming to showcase a sound that is technical but not overtly flashy, instead submerging the listener in the music and making them love it. Something that anyone who loves groovy and progressive should adore R.O.P have solid chops and their new EP Fragments is a tasty slab of 21st century progressive music.

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