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Friday, April 12, 2013

In Arkadia, Furykane, Apolline, Gravity, Dead Cowboy Sluts at Le Batofar!

So tonight I went out to Le Batofar for a fun show filled with good friends, najestuc metal, and hard moshing. Organized by M&O Records and Enorme TV's RockOne Session this was a solid evening with a great lineup and incredibly varied bands that ranged from alt rock to progressive death metal. Situated on a boat, Le Batofar always has a great ambiance and is a wonderful place to see a show. And I swear, when you do the wall of death, you can feel the whole boat moving beneath your feet! As a whole, this was a wonderful evening and the five bands who I saw were professional and very skilled.

The first band on the night was the groovy Dead Cowboy Sluts. There Pantera inspired sound provided a great launching point for our evening. With a short half hour set they managed to start a surprisingly decent sized pit as well as show off some great musical chops. The sheer groovy might that they carried with them onto the stage was incredible, it forced my body into a rapid and unholy headbanging motion. They played with a furious passion and did a good job in their role as the premier group of the evening. Dead Cowboy Sluts is most definitely a band I would like to see live again in the near future!

Next up was the incredible Gravity, this female fronted technical death metal act has an almost Gojira like power to them. Top it off with simply incredible guitar solos and inspiring songwriting and you get a performance that is hard to forget. Their sheer musical mastery was a highlight of my night, rarely have I seen a guitarist as good as this bands lead player. He crafts brilliant songs that both make sense and also showcase his guitar prowess. An visionary band who seem like they could truly take technical death metal to a new level Gravity is a pleasure to see live!

The third band of the soiree was the alt rock act Apolline, they seemed rather out of place among the death metal groups who surrounded them. It was funny to see the androgynous hipster types who showed up for their gig in the midst of all the long haired death metal guys and baseball cap wearing hardcore kids. Apolline pulled off a surprisingly  excellent performance that showed the skill and sheer passion of the band. The groups lead singer is a frenzied and shuddering rock and roll god, he seems to truly understand the nature of the beast. It was a wonderful thing to see this band live and I definitely would do it again in a heartbeat!

The penultimate band was the wonderfully nu metal tinged group Furykane. Another female fronted act this band has a great progressive edge that allows them to fly from gentle almost symphonic metal caresses into brutal mosh friendly hardcore. With an excellent frontwoman who put a focus on audience involvement and getting a crazy pit going this band knows how to execute in a live setting. Extremely tight and always pushing themselves on to new horizons Furykane are a simply impressive band to see live, they have a tight stage show and seem ready to take on the international stage!

Finally, In Arkadia came on, a very solid live band In Arkadia impressed me when I first checked them out for their brilliant fusion of growls and pig squeals. With my spot front and center I really got to appreciate their lead singers fervent passion that ran rampant throughout the set. Though the karate choppers dominated the pit, I still very much enjoyed myself. Music that can appeal to both the hardcore kid and the trve death metaller, I think that In Arkadia have a very interesting vibe that few modern bands can truly emulate. In brief, their set was explosive and filled with bone crushing breakdowns that certainly left their mark on my eardrums!

In conclusion, this concert was an excellent one to say the least. Packed with stellar musicians not a single band delivered a disappointing set. I would definitely go to see an and all of these bands again and I must say that this was an excellent introduction to the M&O Records roster. With a sum total of two small walls of death and quite a few bruises (including a nasty one on my neck) the mosh pits were also pretty fabulous. To sum it up, M&O Record and Enorme TV know how to put on a good show, and tonight was just a proof of that. Fun, hectic and oh so very metal this was a evening to be remembered!

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