Chuck Schuldiner Project

Saturday, April 13, 2013


is a flashy young thrash band from Brazil. With a sound that is reminiscent of Anthrax or even Megadeth but with elements of classic speed metal tossed in, Netherbound have a sound that is at once very traditional and exclusively their own. I love their swirling riffs and the lightning fast solos that give the music so much flavor. Their songwriting is tight too and they have all of the hard moshing fun that makes  early thrash such a pleasure to listen too. The riffs are ferocious and have a certain devastating anger behind them that keeps the music perpetually fresh and in constant forward motion. In other words, these guys are a heavy metal band and proud of it, waving the banner of all that is trve. This is the kind of band that makes you proud and happy to be a metalhead. A fiery act who show the raw magic that the Brazilian scene can have, Netherbound are a fun listen and fans of old school thrash, speed metal and even early death metal should revel in the musical explosion that is Netherbound.

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  1. i'm Rafael from Netherbound, AND WE ARE BRAZILLIAN!!

  2. Great band, I loved their sound! As you said, this band makes anyone proud to be a metalhead.