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Monday, April 1, 2013

Mena Brinno-Princess of the Night

Aural caresses, beautiful vocals and tight songs. Those are the things that should define gothic metal. Mena Brinno executes it perfectly. With a highly polished and beautiful sound Mena Brinno is a great gothic metal hope for the state of Florida. Since 2006 this Tampa quartet have been making refined and organic music. Their new album Princess of the Night is a testament to the enduring magic and power that gothic metal can have. Fronted by a bonafide opera singer Mena Brinno is a veritable heavy metal force and their beautiful sound is not one you easily forget.

I love the mix of synths in the bands sound. It gives the music a lot of flavor and adds an otherworldly pulse to the music. Meanwhile, there are tons of tasty guitar solos that leave the listener in awe. With bursts of Yngwie Malmsteen like shredding might this album becomes a lot spicier. I'd also like to emphasize the important of the groups vocalist. Her soaring lines and epic stature within the band is very impressive and she really helps to show the eternal might of female fronted metal. She is quite literally one of the most talented singers that I have heard all year! As a whole, on Princess of the Night Mena Brinno prove themselves to be capable musicians who find dramatic fusions of metal and classical operas.

In conclusion, this is a very bombastic and majestic release. Their is an enduring power to the tracks on Princess of the Night that few modern gothic metal albums have. With an absolutely magnificent set of pipes carrying the band to whole new levels of metal madness Mena Brinno is a glorious group who are some of the most talented musicians you will hear all year. Fans of female fronted metal will melt in admiration for the musical prowess of this band. Princess of the Night is quite likely going to be my gothic metal album of the year!

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