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Monday, April 1, 2013

Will Of Instinct

Deranged cover art

Crunchy alt rock with a pop punk edge is not something I usually get to review on this site. Yet today I have Will of Instinct who represent that. An explosive and pumped up band Will of Instinct is a tight unsigned  treasure from Lindsay Ontario. They represent a very cool fusion of post grunge, punk, and straight up modern rock.  A young group who seem packed with potential their debut song Deranged is a powerful testament to the glory of modern indie punk. There is a wonderful combination here, of artsier indie ideas and punks raw anger. I love the driven quality of their music as it pushes their song forward bringing the band to new heights.  These guys are clearly pretty talented songwriters, while nothing is too technical the music is surprisingly addictive and will have you go through multiple spins without getting bored. With great riffs and a driving sound Will of Instinct show themselves to be potential heirs to the indie punk throne. For fans of alt rock and lighter punk Will of Instinct will be a glorious find!

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