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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Nightglow-We Rise

Nightglow is a wonderful heavy metal band who have found an incredible fusion between the power metal tones of Hammerfall and the sheer groove and grit of Pantera. While at first these sounds may seem paradoxical the solid songwriting chops of Nightglows allow them to come together into the strong and interesting album that is We Rise. Filled with sing a long choruses, epic solos and southern metal riffs Nightglow is one of the few bands that could appeal to both fans of Manowar and lovers of Lamb of God. In short, this album is a fascinating and glorious tribute to the magic of heavy metal.

What is really fun about this record is the fiery guitar solos and the ridiculous guitarmonies. They add a NWOBHM flavor to the music. The long chords have a certain power and majesty to them that very few bands can capture. Yet at the same time, the singer has a Phil Anselmo like grit to his vocals and there is a raw anger to be had here that only the filthiest metal bands can really understand. The music becomes excellent on songs like Shine of Life where a fusion is found between this hatred and power metals elegance. The end result is a swooping and inspiring record that could push metal to new heights.

In conclusion, this is an explosive and passionate record that shows a young band who seem ready to take on the international stage. A fusion of Manowars magic, Lamb of Gods power and grit, along with Hammerfalls excellent choruses makes for a record that is hard to forget. One of the most promising and potential packed power metal debuts that I have heard in a while I can not wait to see where Nightglow take their sound next! They are skilled, capable and clearly have the dedication to make this former Manowar tribute band into a global power metal force!

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