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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Shineski-Leave You in the Dark

Shineski is a high powered rock band with lots of heavy and progressive (dare I say djenty) elements to their songs. With a driving groove that continues pushing the music to new levels Leave You in the Dark is a fun and fiery record that any fans of groovy or even southern rock should love. This collection of five punchy tracks finds the essence of modern rock and brings it to the people. A twisting and thriving band who revel in their power rock sound Shineski have created an impressive EP that should resonate with fans of David Bowie and the Foo Fighters.

Their is a great vibe on this record it has a nice down to earth feel. The gritty riffs on songs like Time To Say Goodbye or Leave You in the Dark give the music a perpetual forward motion. They have wonderful and dirty songs that somehow flow silkily across the ear and craft soundscapes that will easily engage the listener. Yet their are also punchier riffs to be had here that give the music a bit of metals raw might. Finally, many of the songs have a vaguely progressive aura they build up slowly into almost orgasmic explosions of sound. The best example of this is probably on the 8 and a half minute long piece To the End which slowly drags the listener into rock and roll nirvana.

In conclusion, Shineski have released a pummeling EP that  shows the magic that power rock can have. A driving and strangely beautiful record Shineski should be adored by most rock fans. Their songwriting is marvelous with excellent rhythms that build up to create an almost Led Zeppelin like explosion of sound. In other words, this is another great release from Domino Media. With an emphasis on raw groove and a passion for all that is rock and roll Shineski seem like they could have a widespread appeal and seem capable of climbing to an international scale!

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