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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Superhorrorfuck-Gorgeous Dead


Rarely do I get to review a true party rock album. Yet today with Superhorrorfuck's Gorgeous Dead I have the honor to be inundated with the crazed partying spirit of one of hard rocks most promising acts. With tons of chunky riffs in their repertoire and a variety of tasty bluesy solos, the four songs contained on this EP are filled to the brim with a manic rock and roll energy that is rarely matched on the modern scene. Something that all fans of good parties and heavy metal should adore Glorious Dead is an ode to the majesty of rock and roll.

The riffs on this album are often infused with the might of the old gods, some of the tracks reek of Chuck Berry, others, of Jimmy Page. Yet they are all united by a screaming and go for the throat vocalist who seems to embody 21st century rock and roll. That is the true forté of this band, with their modern sleazecore derived sound and sing a long choruses it becomes clear that they understand rock and roll. Shocking and bold Superhorrorfuck are simply fun to listen too and as you listen to them you know that they are rebels and love it, their is a magic to their music that is hard to find elsewhere.  

In conclusion, if you're looking for a record that takes rock up to 11 Gorgeous Dead is the record for you. Pumped up with memorable choruses and tight songwriting this EP represent 13 minutes of some of the purest rock and roll that exists on the modern market. Passionate and filled with tons of tasty riffs this is an album that seems like it can stand the test of time. Their is a certain potential here that very few records have ever truly had. In short, this is an extremely promising record from these Desperation City natives know how to rock and they will melt your face and force you to come and party with them. 

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