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Friday, April 5, 2013


I rarely find modern metal that manages to fuse the heavy stuff with both epic and garage sensibilities. Twintera is distinctly interesting because their music has both an epic side as well as a down to earth garage side. Often fused together in the same song their latest release Lines is a testament to the enduring magic of rock and roll. With crazed solos, stellar songwriting and a seemingly relentless heavy metal energy Twintera are masters of their craft who know clearly what they want to do and how to execute it. This is a very promising debut release that shows a band seemingly ready to take on the world.

What I love about this group of 11 tracks is both the down to earth feel of many of the songs yet the cloak they often wear of epic power metal or melodic heavy metal allows the band to shine. While there are party rocking songs and destructive riffs there are also moody ballads. There even is also an epic and gloriously geeky tribute to my Philadelphia hero, Rocky, with a cover of Survivor's classic, Burning Heart. In other words, Twintera will capture your heart and then turn all Philadelphians into dedicated fans, before they even finish the album! The songwriting is simply tight and the solos are particularly good. They are very tasty and rife with rock licks that help to show the bands garage rock roots.

In brief, Twintera is a band who seemingly take the greatest aspects of a variety of genres to get a powerful and streamlined sound that seems capable of taking on the international stage. With sing a long choruses and a solid understanding of how to rock Twintera will never leave you bored. While not a mindblowing record this is definitely a promising debut and shows a potential packed future for Twintera. It is nicely polished and is a lot of fun to listen too, its definitely worth multiple spins to say the least. I for one am excited to see where these guys take their unique brand of garage derived epic rock in the future!

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