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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Black Rain-Night Tales

Old school rock and roll in the vein of early Motorhead is hard to find these days. Many modern rock bands do not have the pure energy required to truly rock. Yet Black Rain does. Their new release Night Tales is a magical slab of rock and roll that shows that their is still quite a bit to be done in the genre. With tons of tasty riffs and even a full on power ballad Black Rain fuse a variety of types of rock and roll for an end result that both sums up the genre as well as proves that on Night Tales Black Rain is capable of doing very much its own thing. A great rock record that all fans of the classic stuff will enjoy, Black Rain have definitely hit the mark with this release.

One of the tastiest aspects of this bands sound is the accent inflected singing that flows throughout the album. It gives the music a bit of a unique taste and helps to give the record a lot of flavor overall. I'd also like to point out the high quality of the solos, I particularly like the one on Black Rain Motel however there are quite a few other very good ones scattered throughout. Brought together by fabulous and strangely progressive songwriting Black Rain is a bizarrely beautiful act who seem to have a bit of everything. With elements of both Led Zeppelin and U2 in their sound I'd like to see something in the genre that the band WOULD'NT be able to pull off! In other words, their appeal to the rock world at least seems like it has the potential to be vast.

In conclusion, Black Rain do a magnificent job at fusing both rocks most beautiful moments alongside its most extreme. With party rocking tracks like Coming Home slotting in nicely next to more epic ballads (like the albums ultimate track, the aptly titled, The Last Song) Black Rain know how to make a smooth flowing album that never leaves the listener bored. Their music is tight and the songwriting logical, they seem definitely capable of attaining the next level to rock and roll mastery. Night Tales is a truly great rock and roll effort and I'm dying to see where the band takes their sound in the future!

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