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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

X-Ray Life-X-Ray LIfe

X-Ray Life is an interesting garage rock band who have recently released their eponymous debut record. A fiery and fun work this album is not without its grander and more epic side. While most of the tracks here are crazy garage rock tracks that should appeal to many, the final song, appropriately titled The Last Song shows that this band can not only rock, they can reach out and touch the soul. Filled with great riffs, grime and a dedication to all that is rock and roll this is an album that shows a band on the upward path of popularity and rock domination.

From the first crazy riff on Machine-Gun Kelly one gets the sense that this album is going to be a pummeling tribute to the magic of rock and roll insanity. With powerful choruses and gritty vocals this band creates a sort of grungy classic rock with its roots firmly in the garage. The solos are flashy and scream of Alice in Chains. With a perpetual drive and lots of groovy riffs that are fun to jive too X-Ray Life has enough elements to please the average rock fan as well as more dedicated rockers. Their music is fast and loose and has all of the magic that made bands like Pearl Jam so great.

In short, this is a band who should appeal to many fans of classic rock tinged grunge. Very much in the modern alt rock vein this is an explosive act who seem like they could easily go up to the next level. With a true dedication to the garage this is the kind of rock and roll that I could listen too for hours on end. Pumped to the brim with cool solos, buckets of groove and pulsing drum beats this is an album that any fan of Nirvanas Bleach album will love. If you're looking for solid grungy rock that seems like it will stay gritty no matter what then X-Ray Life is the band for you!

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