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Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Gazers cover art

Gazers is a chaotic hardcore band very much in the vein of quasi hardcore acts like Shai Hulud. With a powerful sound filled with strange noise punk like drones, driving riffs reminiscent of Hatebreed and a general driving groove this is a band who have a strange effect on the soul. Very much in the sludge metal vein the crushing music of Gazers will pulverise the listeners eardrums, they have a certain imprecise brutality to to their music that exceeds human knowledge and forces one to bend the knee to the all powerful Gazers. Oddly hypnotic, this band must be beautiful in a live context, there music spins around the eardrums slowly making them complacent before once more crushing them with a powerful riff. A cathartic and all encompassing listening experience this music will beat a way into your soul and carve out a place where it will live for all eternity. Strangely majestic and easy to get lost in the music of Gazers is something any fan of trance inducing hardcore will love.

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