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Monday, May 13, 2013

A Code of Silence

A Code Of Silence cover art

A Code of Silence is a hard and heavy rock band who have just released their debut demo. Replete with spicy riffs and a raw rock and roll groove the doomy vibes of A Code of Silence penetrate the listeners skull and hold them in thrall of their music. I'd best describe their sound as a sort of unholy fusion between Clutch and Black Sabbath, with both doomy parts and dead ahead rocking bits. In short, there is a bit of something for everyone and A Code of Silence seem ready to bring this sound to the masses. While some parts are still a bit unpolished remember that this is still their first release, things haven't been set in stone quite yet.But with a sound that truly will rip your face off its easy to get lost in the huge riffs and ridiculous energy of their new demo. I think that with some better production these guys could really start to take off. Once they handle the production and distribution A Code of Silence definitely have the chops and the songwriting ability to get huge. Seeing if they do is only going to be a matter of time.

Listen to them on Bandcamp!

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