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Tuesday, May 14, 2013


RoadKillSoda is a psychedelic rock band with all sorts of bizarre riffs that delve into the strangest parts of the listeners skull and hold them hostage to their rock and roll mastery. What I really love is the strange polytonal soloing which accompanies a lot of the music and gives the entire album a surreal air, it nicely contrasts the more down to earth rock riffs. A sort of fusion of Black Sabbath, Red Fang and Baroness this is an oddly appealing band who will submerge you in sounds that have no right to exist on this plane of reality they abstract and strangely beautiful. RoadKillSoda shatter the mind and hold the listener in thrall of their dynamic sounds and general sense of groove. Toss in some vaguely detached vocals which are oftentimes reminiscent of Axl Rose on Appetite For Destruction and you have yourself a stoner rock fiesta. Something that all you heshers out there shold enjoy RoadKillSoda will inebriate you with a powerful vibe that is hard to find in modern music.

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