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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Anima Sementis-Interitum

Anima Sementis is a destructive blackened death metal band from Germany. With a simply apocalyptic sound they sweep the listener up in their devastating soundscapes and smash skulls with a sheer power that is hard to find in the modern scene. With the controlled madness of black metal and the go for the throat death metal attitude Anima Sementis strike a fine balance that is wonderful to listen too. Their new record Interitum is a bone crushing teaser of what the band is capable of, it shows a lot of potential from an up and coming act with its polish and pristine songwriting.

I think what really makes this album special is the atmosphere surrounding the music. Be it in the bands interesting image and cover art or in the dark keyboard lines there is something to this record that captures the imagination. Add in a lightning fast Pat Sandoval style drumming attack and some pummeling riffs and you've got yourself a record for the ages. Despite clocking in at a sparse fifteen and a half minutes there is a lot of interesting stuff on this record, enough to make it worth many a listen. This is simply an album that captures the heart with its engaging songwriting and powerful guitar work.

To finish, although this is merely a three song EP it is very much worth purchasing. Filled with great songwriting, epic riffs, impressive solos and a generally dark atmosphere there is a lot to love about Interitum. With the promise of a full length album soon to come I have to say that it seems like a lot of good things are in store for these blackened death metallers. A band who could at once appeal to black metal kvltist and to pvre death metallers Anima Sementis reach out and grab onto the soul, the only question is, are you ready for the ride?

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