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Thursday, May 16, 2013


Delirium is a epic viking metal band from Germany. There heavy pagan influences belie the influences of groups like Obscurity, Minas Morgul, and Amon Amarth. The end result is a sound that is very much within the noble German pagan metal vein. Gloriously heavy and filled with explosive black metal parts Deliriums music is fun for all pagan metallers to headbang too. I particularly like the punch that the guitar parts seem to pack. It makes the songs a lot more accessible and gives the music a lot of flavor. The harsh riffing often reminds me of the less forgiving passages from Bathory. Meanwhile the vocals add a great blackened folk metal feel to the mix and keep things tasty. They fit in nicely with the pocket rhythms too, meaning the songs are quite a bit more interesting to listen to than your average folk metal act. Finally I'd like to point out that the rhythm section is especially tight with lots of impressive drum lines that add atmosphere to the pieces. I especially like the drumming on their track In Die Schlact. In short, if you're looking for a tight German language pagan metal band then Delirium is the group for you!

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