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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Avi Rosenfeld

Avi Rosenfeld is a fascinating rock artist whose sound is very much in the vein of Uriah Heep and Deep Purple. With a new album appropriately titled Very Heavy Very Purple (Oh the glorious pun) Avi proves to the world that the spirit of late 60s hard rock is not dead. He has come up with a set of songs which would not be out of place in the Deep Purple Mark I discography. However one should note that, there seem to be a few more modern influences in the sound too, on tracks like The One Who Will Be King its possible to detect a bit of a power metal influence, which is perhaps a nod to Rainbow. Overall very light in texture there are a few heavier moments, but only really as heavy as the hardest Uriah Heep and no more. This makes the album fairly accessible and shows the large audience that Rosenfeld could potentially reach out too. All in all, Avi Rosenfeld is clearly a talented songwriter and musician, his pieces are fun to listen too and have a lot of musical depth. It seems like good things are in store for this Israel based project!

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