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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sinocence-No Gods, No Masters Volume 1

A punishing prog band whose sound revels in huge death metal riffs and a crushing bottom end but is nicely contrasted by soaring male vocals, Sinocence is a power packed group who seem capable of cracking skulls the world over. Their new album No Gods, No Masters Volume 1 is filled with enduring songs and stellar songwriting. What really makes this band special though is their steady build ups to epic choruses. This gives their songs  constant sense of forward motion and fills the tracks with flavor as you know exactly what you're going to get, and you desperately want it.

I really love the contrast between the heavy guitar lines and the much more operatic vocals. On songs like Long Way Down the heavy intro riff leaves you expecting a sort of melodeath type growl, and then out of nowhere come these excellent cleans. This allows the songs to become truly memorable and makes for very heavy music that Ronnie James Dio himself would look down on in pride. Its great to have prog which you can sing a long with, and that is what Sinocence deals with, startlingly heavy songs which feature fun choruses, a sort of unholy fusion of power metal, death metal and prog.

In conclusion, if you're looking for a new sort of prog that is far from djent and in fact a bit closer to Machine Head than anything else than Sinocence should very much appeal to you. Pulsing and destructive this is a band who take no prisoners but force their slaves to sing their choruses at maximum volume. A great combination of technicality, melody, and memorable riffs No Gods No Masters Volume 1 is an interesting release to say the least and I think a lot of prog snobs and metalheads would be united in a love for this album.

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