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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Betrayer FTM-No Life Till Fury

So to kick of our week in memoriam of the late great Jeff Hanneman we have a review of Betrayer FTM's debut release No Life Till Fury a stunning piece of neo-thrash with crazed solos and a primal anger to it that is instantly relatable. The chorus of the first track, Machine, runs, “Fucking bitch you have to die” and that essentially sums up the album. Pure thrash that does not seek to engage in your high falutin' 'morals' or 'philosophies' and instead rips out juggulars and forces heads to bang on the stage in an unholy metal ritual.

This band has oodles of terrifying riffs and incredible bass playing. The best example of this is probably found on the track One Day of Fury which features both the bands huge bottom end and the beautifully aggressive riffs that make this group so good. Yet once again, where Betrayer FTM truly shines is when they fully embrace their primal side. At times they could be described as letting go of the throttle, and I feel like this detracts from the music. I feel the band should be dead ahead all the time if they really want to become thrash lords. Their song To Kill or Die is a great example of their manic aggression and I encourage them to fully accept that side of their music.

In conclusion, No Life Till Fury is a hectic and gloriously evil thrash metal record that shows the promise that Betrayer FTM. If on their debut album they can enter more into the world of truly caveman-like thrash metal they could take the world by storm. This collection of 9 tracks is packed with promise and shows a rapidly developing band who are quickly gaining fans. These guys have a raw energy to them that should not be stymied under any circumstances and when I listen to them I get truly excited for what the future of thrash metal holds.

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